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ABYSS (ABYSS) ICO Review – ICO Token News


There are now numerous gaming platforms utilized in the market, but they all are very sluggish and create issues when it comes to interacting with developers. Developers have to spend a huge amount of funds to attract players to use their games on different platforms. The Abyss platform has come up with a solution to help reduce the marketing expenses of developers and allow them to earn extra income by making referral payments in other games on the platform.

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Abyss analysis

1 – The Abyss is a gaming platform which is designed to focus on the distribution of all types of video games (“free-to-play browser-based and client MMO games”).

2 – It is a blockchain-based digital distribution platform similar to CrowdWiz, Mirocana, BunnyToken, ODEM, Luckbox that allows developers and players to earn money through referrals.

3 – This platform is different from other platforms because it offers motivational programs for players as well as multilevel referral options for both gamers and developers.

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4 – This will prove an efficient economic tool for developers to help in reducing their marketing costs.

5 – The Abyss game platform will be work on Mobile (iOS and Android), Desktop (window, Linux, MacOS) and internet.


Token Distribution

Company & Advisors : 21%Bounty : 1%Crowd sale : 60%Reserve : 18%

Use of Proceeds

Marketing : 25%Development : 20%Operational : 45%Legal : 5%Reserve : 5%


Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky,Vladimir Kurochkin, President


Due to the growing competition in the gaming industry, developers have to spend large amounts of money to deliver their products and services to the audiences. Abyss offers a solution by creating a gaming platform which is flexible and allows developers to promote their products by spending less on advertising. The platform offers useful promotional and analytical tools that will not only save money on ads but also allow them to earn more at the same time. The referral system of the platform is beneficial for both developers and players and gives them an opportunity to earn rewards.