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HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, July 3, 2019 / -- Startup Vietphái nam Foundation (SVF), the first Socialized & Non-profit Foundation established in 2014 to lớn support innovation ecosystem in Vietnam, held its Annual Meeting of Key Stakeholders on July 4, 2019 khổng lồ announce the Grand Vision for 2020-2025.

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July 2019 marks the milestone of Startup Vietnam giới Foundation (SVF) as it enters the fifth year of operation. During the annual meeting with 200 key stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem including government officials, entrepreneurs, universities, retìm kiếm centers, investors, communities and mentors, SVF announced "SVF 20trăng tròn - 2025: The Grand Vision", further establishing its commitment khổng lồ support the National Innovation Ecosystem.

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With the Grand Vision as "Marking Vietphái nam on the global bản đồ by local"s technology core competency", SVF will focus on three activity pillars in the next phase 2020-2025:

Impact Ecosystem by further facilitating, collaborating and connecting with all ecosystem builders and supporters. Empower Tech by strengthening the competitive advantages for agritech, fintech and tech startups Connect Investment by leveraging its local và global network for investment, trade và commercialization opportunities.

SVF expressed gratitude to hundreds of its partners & mentors during the meeting, further calling out for collaborations from all stakeholders in the national innovation ecosystem. Notably, SVF also officially announced its flagship nation-wide initiatives to lớn broaden its impact on the innovation ecosystem in Vietnam giới, namely the National Grant Scheme lớn tư vấn other ecosystem builders" activities, the annual Local Economic Forum, the Innovation Development Programs for students, entrepreneurs, local governments and investment.

"Vietphái mạnh is unleashing its potential for tech growth. SVF commits khổng lồ be the bridge lớn tư vấn any global partners lớn come and collaborate with Vietnam innovation ecosystem. We call out for all global partners khổng lồ connect with us và explore Vietphái nam - one of the most active emerging countries in South Asia," said Mr. Pđắm đuối Duy Hieu - Vice Chairman of SVF.

About Startup Vietphái nam Foundation (SVF)

Startup Vietphái mạnh Foundation (SVF) is the first Socialized & Non-profit Foundation khổng lồ support innovation ecosystem in Vietnam giới by impacting ecosystem, empowering tech & connecting investment. With the ultimate mission "For You, For Vietnam", SVF has actively engaged with multiple local and global stakeholders from the government, universities, accelerators, incubators, mentor communities, investors and startups / entrepreneurs.