Milo and Ovaltine are two popular chocolate flavor beverages that have been loved by many people since decades ago. These two is currently the leading brands of chocolate flavored beverages. If you love sầu chocolate malternative text drink, you may want to try one of them or both.

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In this article we are going to give sầu you information about:– What is Milo và Ovaltine– How many Variants of Milo và Ovaltine out there– How Milo and Ovaltine usually prepared– What is the health benefit of drinking Milo and Ovaltine– Milo vs Ovaltine

About MiloMilo is a hàng hóa by the famous Swiss transnational food và drink company Nestle. This hàng hóa is a drink in chocolate flavor contains sugar & malternative text, which consumed by adding hot water and milk or milk only. This beverage is very famous in many countries mainly in nước Australia, New Zealvà, Malaysia, Vương Quốc Của Những Nụ cười, South Africa, và some other countries. Milo was originally developed by an Australian Industrial chemist named Thomas Mayne in Sydney back then in 1934, but now it is being sold almost in every part of the world.

When Milo first developed, it was launched at the annual show in Australia called the Sydney Royal Easter Show. Not long after, it was begun manufactured at the plant in Smithtown. The product name is actually inspired by a famous ancient athlete named Milo of Croton for his legendary strength. Milo is made by evaporating the water nội dung from its initial thiông chồng syrup as reduced pressure.

Milo VariantsMilo is sold in its easy lớn notice green compartment, whether it is in thin or plastic bag in various sizes. The company often put various sporting activities in the package for it is marketed towards active people, which mostly children. In some countries the beverage also available in premix khung or ready lớn drink in carton pachồng or can. They also offer another variant beside the original beverage in the khung of snaông xã bar or cereal.

In 2004 Nestle launches three new variants of Milo and calling it Milo Fuze but it is not available in all countries. Those variants are Milo Fuze 3 in 1, which is an improved version that have a better taste & aroma; Milo Fuze with cereals that contains wheat and corn to satisfy hunger; và Milo Fuze with high calcium non-fat milk lớn strengthen your bones.


Milo ConsumptionAs it has been mentioned above, milo is consumed by adding a hot water & milk or milk only inkhổng lồ the powder. However in some places, you can see people sprinkling Milo on top of ice cream or cereals. Milo is also favored beverage for Tyên ổn Tam Slam, which is using the biscuits sandwich as a straw khổng lồ drink the beverage. In some Southeast Asia countries Milo is commonly drink with ice và you can get it at famous chain restaurants lượt thích KFC or McDonalds.

Since Milo is manufactured in various countries, some variants may have sầu different ingredients và not all of them are the same. Milo is not marketed in either UK, and US but people in these countries can get it at the International section of specific groceries stores.

Milo NutritionMilo is made with extract of malted barley, milk solid, sugar, cocoa vegetable oil, dicalcium phosphate, magnesium, and other nutritional ingredient lượt thích a set of various vitamins, which is why the beverage is marketed mostly towards active children since it can provide more energy for them to vì chưng their activities. The delicious chocolate flavor also love by many people aside from the benefit itself.

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About OvaltineOvaltine is a brvà of powdered beverage manufactured by various manufacturers depends on who hold the licensees. In the United Kingdom, this beverage br& license is hold by Associated British Foods, while the United States it was owned by the famous Swiss transnational company Nestle. The Ovaltine that was made in the UK is manufactured by Wander AG, which is a subsidiary of Twinings. Before it was owned by Twinnings, the brvà is own by Novartis.

Ovaltine VariantsOvaltine is sold in its famous & easy to lớn notice orange container. However, it also available in different packages depends on the countries where the beverage is sold. Ovaltine is very popular especially in United Kingdom, where the brand was already exist since early 1930. Ovaltine also being marketed and advertised in children radio series in the United States around the same time. In the US, Ovaltine is sold in three different variants, chocolate malt, rich chocolate, and classic malt.


Not limited to lớn drink, you can find Ovaltine in another forms lượt thích biscuit sandwich và spread with the name Ovomaltine. Ovaltine & Ovomaltine is the same product, but have sầu different name because of an error in its early years when the name was accidently shorten when the hàng hóa entered Britain. When you see Ovomaltine, then it means the hàng hóa was manufactured in Switzerlvà or Belgium, since the original name is still used there.

Ovaltine ConsumptionOvaltine is prepared by adding hot water inlớn the powder. You can drink it hot or cold depend on your taste. It is exceptionally delicious when drink as hot chocolate in the winter. Ovomaltine spread is very popular in recent years in some Southeast Asia countries và used as spread in many popular foods.

Ovaltine NutritionTaken from livesvào, Ovaltine (US version) doesn’t contain fat, which is great to lớn maintain heart health since reducing saturated fat may help reducing cardiovascular disease or Type-2 diabetes. It also contain vitamin B Complex to convert food inlớn energy and control appetite, mood, sleep, and muscle metabolism. With calcium & Vitamin D in its ingredients, consuming Ovaltine regularly will help you strengthen your bones. Since it also contain iron, the beverage will be beneficial for delivering oxygene throughout the toàn thân & help produce hemoglobin.

ComparisonNow, let’s compare Milo with Ovaltine. Both beverages are delicious depkết thúc on the drinkers taste & preferences. Their ingredients also may differ from country to lớn another, so it is hard lớn pick one. So in this example we are going khổng lồ take Milo, which manufactured in nước Australia và Ovaltine, which is manufactured for US market.

If we use both sample, we will know the basic difference between both products. The main difference is Milo contain fat while Ovaltine is not. Looking from their nutrition nội dung Ovaltine is more concentrated than Milo, since the recommended serving kích thước is much smaller than Milo.

Milo vs Ovaltine

- Contain fat- Fat không tính tiền products for US market
- Not as concentrated as Ovaltine- More concentrated than Milo
- Manufactured only by Nestle- Manufactured by several manufacturers
- Most famous in Southeast Asian countries and Australia- Most famous in Europe
- Released later compared to Ovaltine- Released earlier than Milo
ConclusionAll in all, the decision is all yours khổng lồ make. Both brands are equally delicious và nutritious. However, for better heart health we will recommend you Ovaltine that was made for US market.