So are WE! That can only mean one thing - it’s the perfect time khổng lồ sink inkhổng lồ a bowl of our satisfying Classic Tomato lớn Soup or our Creamy Tomato lớn Soup with garlic & basil. Don’t stop there, pair your soup with one of our amazing melts.

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Warm Up

Let Tom và Chee Do the Cooking.

Serve Tom và Chee at your gathering! Whether it’s a box lunch or heaping platters of our delicious, gooey Melts, your guests will have sầu a meal they’ll rethành viên. The best part? You don’t have lớn bởi the cooking!

Get the Good Stuff

WE"RE Cheesed to lớn Meet You!

What can we make for you today? We know that you’re here because you want something a little bit (ok, a lot) different, và that’s what we bởi vì best. Our Melts và Soups & Salads are the perfect union of chất lượng flavor combinations & familiar comfort foods that hit the spot, every time. Everything we bring together results in something incredible made possible by the power of "and."

Our Story

So, You Love Grilled Cheese. AND?

Do something about it. Be the "and" that helps bring together the best food & folks who love it. When you work for us, you’ll experience the satisfaction of serving incredible food khổng lồ customers that just can’t get enough! Apply now & help spread the joy of Grilled Cheese & Handcrafted melts lớn others.

Apply Now

“My first time there and I absolutely loved it!!!! I had the grilled cheese with bacon, tomato, and mayo. I also had the tomato lớn soup & potakhổng lồ salad. Yumm! The staff was so polite và professional & the entire place was so clean!”

Shamra F.

“First time there great grilled cheese & the girl that waited on me was very helpful! Best part was I could take my dog on the patio!”

Lori M.

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“Green Goat Salad with Grilled Cheese Croutons!!!! I love this place! I remember when the original location opened. It was my lunch stop every day at work!”

Betsy C.

"I"m from SC và I just have sầu to say I was completely amazed by the grilled cheese donut. It was the best thing I"ve ever had. The gtia laze from the donut crystallized with the cheese was nothing I"ve sầu ever had and it was phenominal!!!"

Angie S.

"I could tell you about how I actually shed a tear while I devoured the incredible Mac n Cheese Grilled Cheese or the innapropriate noise my coworkers complained I was making while savoring the Tom + Chee Grilled Cheese; but really you just need khổng lồ know two words: GRILLED. DONUTS. Not enough? Here are three more words: PEANUT BUTTER MARSCAPONE. Don"t walk, RUN khổng lồ this place và Treat Yo Self!"

Stephanie B.

"Yummy gooey goodness...the sandwhiches are just the right kích thước and the little side of tomato soup khổng lồ dip makes it perfect..."

Kevin G.



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