Whenever I go online, I am occasionally redirected to a launchpage.org tìm kiếm page. A couple of the website pages that load without my asking are weevah2.top, và launchpage.org, ahy vọng other ones. Could you please help me on how to remove sầu launchpage.org from Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer?



Sure, we’ll help you how you can remove launchpage.org from your computer. First, we’ll start with what is launchpage.org? and how it cames into a computer. After that we’ll go through the launchpage.org removal process. Let’s start or click here to go khổng lồ direct removal steps.quý khách đã xem: Loại bỏ launchpage.org

For a start, it’s something you almost certainly don’t want. At its heart, it’s a browser hijacker, which means software that takes control of your website browser & makes it do annoying things. These can include redirecting you lớn unwanted websites or showing ads. However, this particular hijacker is not as simple as that, as it has several other tricks up its sleeve sầu. That makes it a little harder to remove than a lot of similar adware. Don’t worry, it is still possible lớn get rid of launchpage.org – but you need khổng lồ know what you’re doing. That’s where our handy guide comes in, so keep reading!


You may see conflicting information about this online, and that’s because launchpage.org has been around a long time và has been changed by its owners lớn make it more dangerous. When it first appeared, Mozilla Firefox và Google Chrome were the ones that got hit, so it was fairly easy to avoid by using a different browser. Unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore. All the other comtháng browsers, like Safari, Internet Explorer, and even Edge can be attacked. It’s even been made to hit users in Trung Quốc as well as in English-speaking countries, so hundreds of millions of PCs are at risk.

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This is one of the adware’s cleverer tricks. Like a lot of browser hijackers, this software changes your homepage lớn one it’s chosen itself. The difference this time is that it looks almost exactly lượt thích a real Google start page. There are links on it to lớn popular sites, and many of those are Google-owned services lượt thích YouTube and Gmail. If you cliông chồng on those liên kết, you’ll be taken lớn the expected sites, which can make you imagine that everything’s fine. Unfortunately, it’s not. If you use the tìm kiếm box lớn find stuff, you won’t only get the results you want. You’ll also see some sponsored link khổng lồ other sites, & these are the ads – how the software makes money.

This is the next problem. The developers of the software realized that security tools were detecting its presence on users’ computers, so they made some more changes. Now, some anti-malware utilities are unable lớn detect the launchpage.org adware & may flag it as safe. Most users accept what they’re told by these utilities, not knowing that they’re leaving themselves open khổng lồ continuing attacks. Even if you vị know the adware is there, it can be awkward to lớn uninstall. If you use the settings in your browser, you’ll appear to erase it – but it will still be lurking in your system, because it also makes changes lớn the Windows Registry.

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So, am I stuck?

No! Just because you can’t remove launchpad.org in the usual way, that doesn’t mean you can’t delete it at all. The first thing is to lớn make sure you DON’T just use the nhái tìm kiếm box khổng lồ look for removal software, since some of that is also nhái. There are scams which clalặng lớn help you remove software like this, but which actually make things worse. There are also various other potential problems, such as being shown even more ads or having your browsing details spied on. Clicking on random link can also cause this, và so can downloading third-buổi tiệc ngọt utilities. That’s because unwanted software is often “bundled” with real programs, so there’s the extra risk of getting even more stuff you don’t want!


Well, you can certainly help to reduce the risk, yes. Because this adware looks so similar to lớn the real Google, it’s best not to let it onto your PC at all. One of the most common ways it appears is by being “bundled” with other programs – most commonly large downloads lượt thích games and multimedia applications. The makers will add launchpad.org to the download, then when you install the program you actually want, the unwanted software will come too. The reason this is effective is that most people just want lớn install their new software quickly, so they pick the quick mặc định options and don’t kiểm tra carefully. Instead, choose the “Expert,” “Advanced,” “Detailed,” or “Custom” option and read everything. Yes, it will be a bit slower – but you have a way better chance of noticing the extra tệp tin & stopping the install. It’s also best to stay away from websites that are not properly checked, as that makes it much easier for the adware makers lớn get their stuff onlớn it.

Solution: How can I remove launchpad.org completely?

You can bởi this using either a manual or an automatic method. If you like khổng lồ use the automatic way, then you’ll need to use a special tool. Of course, we will show you how lớn use this! Alternatively, for a manual method you can remove launchpad.org by going lớn your browser’s Add-ons or Extensions page and removing everything that has the word “launchpad” in it. Then, get rid of shortcuts that look sketchy. Right-cliông xã on them and choose Properties, then Shortcut to lớn bởi vì this. Some users stop at this point, but sadly this can mean that the unwanted software is still installed. That’s because this unpleasant addon also changes your Windows Registry.

Removal Instructions

Automatic Fixit

Download Adware Remover Tool khổng lồ remove launchpad.org  automatically. It’s a Freeware utility which is specially designed for Adware Removals. This tool can remove most of the Adware from Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. It also removes all the traces of launchpad.org from the Windows Registry.