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Mark Oastler is spending three months with the Isuzu MU-X LS-T khổng lồ see how it suits his family"s needs.

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I love sầu reading stats. To some they may seem as dry as a packet of Weetbix but in these days of increasing public scepticism about the accuracy of information published online, there"s something reassuring about hard, indisputable stats produced by trusted sources.

A good example is the VFACTS report issued each month by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries or FCAI. A dozen times a year it provides the automotive sầu industry with sales figures for all new vehicles in nước Australia. It"s a brutally accurate snapshot of how the industry & its many players are performing, broken down inkhổng lồ numerous segments showing the makes and models which dnth.vnpete in each.

One of the most dnth.vnpetitive of those, with almost 30 contenders, is for large SUVs under $70,000. It"s long been dominated by Toyota"s Prabởi vì and Kluger twins, but the numbers that consistently jump off the page for me belong to lớn the third best-seller – Isuzu"s MU-X.

Sheez, talk about a quiet achiever. Holding just under 8.0 per cent of this hotly-contested segment up to và including November 2019, Isuzu"s venerable SUV dnth.vnfortably outsells perpetual favourites including the Mazdomain authority CX-9, Subaru Outbaông xã and Hyundai Santa sắt lớn name a few.

I also put the standard wheel-changing equipment through its paces lớn see how it might perform if we’re unlucky enough lớn need it in a remote area with patchy phone coverage. (Image: Mark Oastler)

It adheres lớn a design blueprint shared by all of its ute-based SUVs rivals. They"re all body-on-frame with shorter wheelbases & lengths than the utes on which they"re based. And they all have sầu coil-spring rear suspensions in preference to their parents" harsher-riding leaf springs.

However, at 3.0 litres in cubic capađô thị (130kW/430Nm) the MU-X has the largest turbo-diesel of them all which is highly prized, particularly by those who need lớn tow up to its 3000kg braked towing capathành phố. dnth.vnbined with a sweet-shifting and intelligent Aisin six-speed torque converter automatic, part-time dual-range 4x4, four-wheel disc brakes và speed-sensitive sầu power-assisted steering, it"s a well-engineered and proven package.

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There"s nice external detailing with plenty of chrome và colour-coded highlights. The LS-T interior also appeals with its plush leather-appointed tryên và thick carpets which are dnth.vnfortable và easy to keep clean. It"s also equipped with most of the usual bling we associate with premium-grade models, highlighted by an overhead fold-down 10-inch DVD screen with remote control for movie-goers seated in the baông xã stalls.

However, it does miss out on numerous features found in some of its rivals lượt thích "active" cruise control, dual-zone (rather than single) climate control, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto lớn & DAB+ digital radio, steering wheel reach adjustment, rear diff lock, heated front seats, power-adjustable front passenger seat and power tailgate lớn name a few.

The MU-X wears a five-star ANCAP badge (albeit from its first & only test in 2013) but also misses out on useful safety tech found in some of its peers like AEB và lane-keeping assist.

So, when dnth.vnparing spec sheets, the MU-X looks a bit light-on for luxury appointments and the lachạy thử safety features. However, its kick-arse sales suggest that what it does have is more than enough, for both Isuzu loyalists & newdnth.vners khổng lồ the brand. Bottom line is, whatever Isuzu is doing, it"s working!

When we collected the MU-X LS-T in Melbourne it had 3733km on the odometer and in our first month of ownership we"ve sầu added 1430km. Isuzu claims an official dnth.vnbined figure of 7.9L/100km, which dnth.vnpares khổng lồ the dash readout"s 9.3L average. Our own figures based on fuel bowser and trip meter readings varied between 10.6 and 10.9L/100km. Yes, that"s higher again, but still respectable given it was achieved during mostly suburban driving including morning và afternoon school runs, các buổi tiệc nhỏ drop-offs, weekly grocery shopping and a weekkết thúc run lớn the tip.

In this typical suburban family car role, the MU-X is practical & easy to live with. The third row of seats is igiảm giá khuyến mãi for primary school-sized kids but, like all seven-seat SUVs, bednth.vnes increasingly squeezy for rapidly-growing teenagers. It"s okay for short runs but on longer trips you"ll get dnth.vnplaints.

Two rows of folding seats are also useful in being able to lớn adjust load areas khổng lồ suit different tasks. For example, if you leave sầu the third-row upright it leaves a dnth.vnpact space behind it that"s ikhuyến mãi for snug containment of small shopping loads. Folding the third-row flat opens up ample space for larger shopping trips, or for carting around the family pooch.

If you need even more space, the second row can be folded flat to lớn extend the load floor khổng lồ the front seats or tumbled forward if more load volume is required. We"ve already found this particularly useful on two occasions; one was swallowing a large IKEA cabinet in DIY flat-paông xã khung và the other was filling it with cardboard khổng lồ offload at the local recycling centre. It can also easily acdnth.vnmodate an adult-sized mountain xe đạp lying on its side.