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Coordination Program

Welcome from the New York State GIO

Thành Phố New York State has a long và proud history of coordination và collaboration. I am personally grateful khổng lồ have had the opportunity to be part of this coordination throughout my career. Further, I am pleased to lớn commit lớn serving this community in my role as State Geographic Information Officer (GIO). I look forward to continued growth in the reach and effectiveness of spatial data and technologies lớn benefit all of Thành Phố New York., by its nature, works best in a collaborative sầu environment. This web site is intended to foster collaboration, data sharing, and help connect the State"s community. Recognizing that important data originates at all levels of government, as well as the private, not-for-profit, and academic sectors, is intended khổng lồ serve all stakeholders.

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The Geospatial Advisory Council serves a critical role as part of the collaborative environment in Thành Phố New York State. The Council, on which I serve sầu as Executive Director, is made up of professionals who represent all sectors of users in the State. The Council meets quarterly with a mission to:

Advise the State on effective sầu use of geospatial giải pháp công nghệ resulting in tangible benefits to dnth.vnS.

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I encourage you lớn reach out khổng lồ of the members of the Council to voice your needs và opinions on geospatial matters.

As GIO I am motivated to help each participant in the State"s Community khổng lồ play the right role. It is my vision that we can all rely on data maintained by others, & focus on the pieces for which we are responsible. The dnth.vnS Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) Program Office (GPO) hosts framework data programs providing the most commonly used base layers. The GPO has also begun an initiative called, which will provide a website services platkhung, hosting data from all levels of government. I firmly believe sầu that a comprehensive collection of openly available web services will not only improve the effectiveness và efficiency of users in the state, but will also have a positive sầu impact on all aspects of the state"s economy, natural resources, health và safety.