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Im thinking of spanking as in children. How many of you guys have used the khung of discipline when needed? Its not very often, lượt thích this was the first one but sometimes like last night I had to spank 3 stern wacks to the behind for not listening to mom và backtalk shes 4 50%. Well I think it was worse on me but at the same time It was warranted for the proper behavior? what are your opinion on the matter?


There is no right or wrong answer. Some will spank, some will bởi vì time-outs, some have other methods. To each their own really, provided they are not "beating" their kids.

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I vì chưng believe its a personal choice.....with my son, it seems lớn be the only thing that gets his attention.....my daughter on the other hands, just can"t stvà to lớn be in trouble...so, usually she responds lớn verbal discipline. As far as my spanking philosophy.......I don"t spank in the moment....its just better all the way around....I usually tell hyên ổn, that we will deal with it tonight or later.....When the time arrives, I sit hyên down & ask hyên, If he remembers why we are here. We talk about what he did, & then he gets his punishment. Still tough as hechồng on me though...I just hate lớn see em get in trouble.....
my new husb& and i spank my 4 year old. after we give sầu her the 3 stries you are out. 1st time a warning 2nd in the corner with a talking to, 3 she gets a spanken on the bottom. I talked lớn child welfare services about this when i became a single mom after my divorce 2 years ago. had to lớn go to lớn parenting classes since i was the petioner. Cool texan is Correct in that there is no right answer, as long as you bởi not beat the child. My four year old does the same thing. trust me lol. Child welfare sytems said i was allowed to spank them on the bottom. Not excessivly. Which is why i came up with the 3 strikes you are out. And above sầu all i can not lacks.With the help of my new husband, icbig1"s we get the job done. I agree that it is hard on us parents. Have faith that she will grow out of this, và when she thinks of getting sassy as a teen, she will think twice.I did. my You are doing an excellent job!!!! We parents need to lớn hear that once in a great while.