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A cryptocurrency with huge, genuine usage via our real-world ecosystem.Earn and spend in over 190 countries.

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dnth.vn is a unique, award-winning project focused on empowering a greater number of people by providing them with the tools they need to earn a living from the digital economy.

A new way khổng lồ earn

The AnyTask™ Platform, the marketplace matching Buyers & Sellers for digital Tasks. Offering financial inclusion & an opportunity lớn join the global digital economy. The Sellers pay no fees, và don"t even need a bank tài khoản lớn earn.

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A new way to send

ETN is revolutionising cross border transfers.Sover ETN anywhere in the world, at virtually zero cost (equivalent khổng lồ a fraction of a US cent).


A new way lớn pay

There are over a billion unbanked people with no digital payment method. No Visa. No Mastercard. No PayPal. No Apple Pay. Every day, ETN is helping people around the world pay for goods and services, both in-store & online.

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We"re working with regulation

In 2018 the ETN-Network we voluntarily and pro-actively introduced robust KYC & AML compliance procedures ahead of the European 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive sầu. Ensuring new users are on-boarded in accordance with global compliance for everyone’s protection. Operating within international guidelines phối out by global bodies including the The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) the global money laundering & terrorist financing watchdog. To ensure that we operate lawfully in all relevant ETN-Network jurisdictions.


Trusted Validators

The dnth.vn blockchain validators include trusted Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), whose visions align with the ETN-Network. The ETN bloông xã rewards they earn are helping lớn fund their charitable initiatives. In the coming months, mining will become available lớn other organisations worldwide, such as Universities.



In the fight against fraud, the ETN-Network became the world"s first cryptocurrency project khổng lồ voluntarily adopt AML/KYC measures, và the first to launch a Moderated Blockchain that makes it insusceptible to 51% attaông chồng – the largest threat lớn cryptocurrencies.


Did you know, some popular blockchain projects have sầu been reported khổng lồ consume more energy than all of Argentina?! Despite processing hundreds of thousands of transactions, with Proof of Responsibility (PoR) each of dnth.vn"s blockchain validators consume the equivalent energy of just 10% of the average household in the UK.

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Earn more selling your digital skills online to lớn thousands of buyers at AnyTask.com. Use ETN to lớn pay for everyday essentials including điện thoại airtime & data & utilities top-up. Send ETN anywhere in the world for a fraction of the usual cross-border transfer cost (equivalent to a fraction of a US cent).

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Access over one-fifth of the world’s population who are now able to use digital payments for the very first time. Our API will allow you lớn provide your customers with an easy way khổng lồ spover the ETN they earn on your products and services.

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Accept a new form of digital payment today và become an innovator within your community. ETN provides your community with a new way to pay, helping you widen your customer reach, drive sầu growth, và increase revenue.

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New digital payment opportunities

Find where you can use your ETN locally và online with ETNEverywhere.com, the merchant directory. If you have sầu a business, why not add your business & join the global network of merchants.

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Instant Payment technology

ETN is the one of the first cryptocurrencies to introduce an instant payment system, expanding the digital payments ecosystem và making ETN igiảm giá khuyến mãi for everyday purchases và transactions.

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Driving entrepreneurial spirit

Unlike other freelance platforms, the AnyTask™ Platsize removes the need for Sellers lớn have a ngân hàng tài khoản, giving financial inclusion for all with the ability to lớn sell digital Tasks and earn ETN.

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Using the power of blockchain to lớn give access to lớn the global digital economy for millions of people in the emerging economies.

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