Using Google Authenticator is a very good way to secure login today, but how we can use it faster và more convenient is the reason for sharing this post. And besides phones, we can also use the same apps like Google Authenticator on computers. Read the nội dung below to find out!

Introducing Authenticator

What is the Authenticator verification code? Authenticator 2-Step Verifier is a means of verifying user identities. By providing an authentication code from the Authenticator, you are proving to lớn the login gateways that you are the real tài khoản owner.

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How is Authenticator better than SMS? The same is for 2-step verification, but Authenticator has advantages over SMS (receive sầu verification codes via SMS) in that you vày not depover on phone waves, vì chưng not need an mạng internet connection, và vày not suffer from error cases of not sending verification codes like SMS.

To visualize more clearly, see the article on how to secure 2 layers WordPress will understvà.

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Use Google Authenticator on new phone

On your phone, install the Google Authenticator app. If you are watching by phone, clichồng the button below khổng lồ download quickly.

Once installed, open the Google Authenticator tiện ích & click the plus button to lớn add the code. You have sầu 2 options:

Scan bar code: You put your phone on the computer screen for the camera khổng lồ scan the barcode, when scanning you will immediately receive a 6-digit verification code.Manual entry: You manually enter the passcode provided by the service provider. After entering, they will receive a 6-digit verification code.
Left clichồng on the code will automatically copy


To summarize, we have sầu 3 ways to lớn get Authenticator verification codes: The tiện ích on Google Authenticator on the phone, the Authenticator utility on Chrome is suitable for you who use a browser user, và applications similar lớn Google Authenticator on your device. It is suitable for you who use many browser users. Which way vì you lượt thích best? Or if you have any questions, please feel không tính tiền to lớn phản hồi below!