Cách đặt stop loss bittrex

Let’s face it. The market will always bởi what it wants to lớn vị, và move sầu the way it wants lớn move. Every day is a new challenge, và almost anything from global politics, major economic events, central ngân hàng rumors và Đài Loan Trung Quốc FUD can turn currency prices one way or another faster than you can snap your fingers.
This means that each and every one of us will eventually take a position on the wrong side of a market move. Being in a losing position is inevitable, but we can control what we bởi when we’re caught in this situation. If you want to protect yourself from risk, you need khổng lồ set a STOP LOSS order.

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Taking a 5% loss would be preferred to losing một nửa of your staông chồng.

Stop Loss orders are a great way lớn mitigate risk and this is why they can be so useful.Conditional Orders are triggered only when the price reaches the value you defined. Your order is only added khổng lồ the order book once the price reaches the value that you mix. These types of orders cannot be detected as support/resistance by bots and other traders watching the book, therefore giving you a slight edge.

For STOP. LOSS orders, use the condition "less than or equal to" & choose the minimum price you are comfortable with selling at.



Setting a STOPhường LOSS order is easy. Simply enter the value you want to lớn sell it at - I recommkết thúc 5% or more below purchase value - then copy and paste that same amount inkhổng lồ the field below.

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To TAKE PROFIT, use the condition "greater than or equal to" in order khổng lồ sell your coin after the price reaches a certain value.


The saying, “Live lớn trade another day!” should be the motlớn of every trader because the longer you can survive, the more you can learn, gain experience, and increase your chances of success. To me, the measure of a successful trader is not how much they gain, but how much they don"t lose.

This makes the trade management technique of “stop losses” a crucial skill & tool in a trader’s toolbox.

Having a predetermined point of exiting a losing trade not only provides the benefit of cutting losses so that you may move on to new opportunities, but it also eliminates the găng tay & anxiety caused by being in a losing trade without a plan.

A sensible way to determine stops would be lớn base it on what the charts are saying. Let’s take a quichồng look at a way khổng lồ phối your stops based on support and resistance:


In this case, it makes the most sense lớn mix your stops below the trkết thúc lines & tư vấn zones. If the market moves inkhổng lồ these areas, that means the trkết thúc lines drew no support from buyers & now sellers are in control.

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