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Bubble là gì

a ball of gas that appears in a liquid, or a ball formed of air surrounded by liquid that floats in the air:

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a temporary period of very successful economic performance in a particular country or sector, often followed by sudden failure:
a situation in which you only experience things that you expect or find easy khổng lồ deal with, for example opinions you agree with, or people who are similar lớn you:
The candidate liked to lớn talk to ordinary people khổng lồ get a fix on what was happening outside his bubble.
a group of people who have sầu a lot of contact with each other but limited contact with people outside the group, for example as a way khổng lồ avoid spreading disease:
UK The government said that people living alone could join up with one other household to create a support bubble.

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to be in or put people into a group who have a lot of contact with each other but limited liên hệ with people outside the group, for example as a way to lớn avoid spreading disease:
a temporary period when a lot of people invest in a stoông xã, property, or a hàng hóa that becomes much more expensive than its real value:
After the tech bubble burst, few investors were willing khổng lồ put their money into developing companies.
From watching raindrops, bubbles & insects walking on ponds it is obvious that water & other liquids have sầu a surface tension.
Moreover, the hydrophobic nature of the bubbles might induce long-range orientation & structural correlation order.
There is a distinct disadvantage if attached lớn the venous line in that bubbles frequently enter và can block some of the hollow fibers.
Obviously, it implies an insight inlớn the local interactions between the ingredients we have sầu at our disposal: bubbles, cavities, và the boundary layer.
Second, the bubbles which explode in that region are counted by a piezo-electrical ceramic which picks up the noise they emit when imploding downstream.
Special attention is given khổng lồ the mechanism of interaction between the exploding bubbles, the attached cavity & the boundary layer.
The last point to lớn be examined in this section is related to lớn the saturation of the downstream part of the foil by the transient bubbles.
The lift force is in a direction tending lớn increase e, and so in a pure liquid a vertical line of two bubbles is unstable.
We show that when money growth equals the discount factor và there is satiation in real balances, deflationary bubbles cannot exist.
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This increased their vulnerability lớn the collapse of the housing bubble and worsened the ensuing economic downturn.