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Sep 27. 2018 Vietphái mạnh Airlines and Thales strengthen their partnership with the selection of AVANT IFE the new Boeing 787-10 fleet. This agreement expands the existing partnership between Vietnam Airlines and Thales to lớn equip the airline’s A350 & B787-9 fleets with AVANT IFE và turn-key maintenance services.

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Vietnam giới Airlines has grown to lớn become one of the most prestigious carriers in the region thanks to the strength of its modern fleet and extensive network of routes. The airline now flies to lớn 49 scheduled and charter destinations in 16 countries, and is recognized as a 4-Star Airline by SKYTRAX. As a dynamic, modern international airline, Vietnam Airlines has focused on developing its fleet by choosing the most technologically advanced aircraft while continuously improving service chất lượng khổng lồ meet the increasing demvà of their passengers. To continue in this mission, they have sầu chosen khổng lồ rely on Thales to equip their new B787-10 Dreamliner aircraft with the state-of-the-art AVANT inflight entertainment system, as they ayên ổn lớn become a leading airline in the Asia-Pacific region. This agreement expands the existing partnership between Vietphái mạnh Airlines và Thales. The airline has previously chosen Thales AVANT IFE system for their A350 và B787-9 aircraft. In collaboration with VAECO, Thales also provides turn-key maintenance services on these aircraft. Thales’s turn-key maintenance programme guarantees exceptional services across the airline’s fleet, enabling Vietnam Airlines to lớn focus on its core business activities. AVANT features a highly customizable passenger experience with a robust selection of applications. With its sleek and lightweight design, Thales’ high performing IFE solution provides the passengers of Vietnam giới Airlines an exceptional inflight experience & a vast choice of entertainment during their flight. The entertainment services include a variety of television series, the most recent feature films, music, & games.
“Thales is proud to partner with Vietphái mạnh Airlines. This award further demonstrates Thales’ commitment in supporting the airline’s ambitions to lớn provide the best-in-class experience with our state-of-the-art AVANT IFE & aircraft maintenance services. We are confident that the quality, reliability and advanced giải pháp công nghệ of our solutions will deliver an exceptional inflight experience on Vietphái nam Airlines new Dreamliner

Philippe Carette, CEO, Thales InFlyt Experience

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