Vietcombank (vietnam) wire transfer

​​​Vietcomngân hàng receives deposits, manages, tracks balances & provides tài khoản services to lớn customers swiftly và securely at the lowest cost.When placing deposits at, Customers can open the following types of account free of charge:Demand deposit account;Specialized account: payment-only tài khoản, collection-only account, auto-investment account, etc.


BenefitsSimple account-opening and transaction procedures.Account-number can be selected as per request.Available VND or foreign currency trương mục options.Safe và secured trương mục balanceEasy cash deposit and withdrawal at all Vietcomngân hàng branchesConduct immediate bank transfer within’s networkDiversified và convenient payment service at the lowest cost through"s nation-wide network và correspondent banking system.Modern e-banking services: VCB-Money, Internet bankingExclusive sầu supporting services: Auto-investment facility, centralized capital management, etc.

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To use the service:Customers can open accounts at any branch of Vietcomngân hàng in Vietphái mạnh Fill in the Account-opening Application khung & provide required documents as instructed by the ngân hàng Deposit và withdrawal methods: Deposit và withdrawal in cash Deposit and withdrawal by bank transfer: transfer kiểm tra, certified check, payment order, collection order, etc. Application Form

According lớn"s current forms

Fee Schedule

According lớn"s current fee schedule

In order to help Customers optimize idle funds in the safest & the most effective way, Vietcomngân hàng provides term deposit tài khoản services with competitive, attractive sầu interest rates together with varied & flexible terms.
Customers who have temporary idle funds and want khổng lồ earn interest on those funds.
Simple account-opening & transaction proceduresAvailable VND or foreign currency account optionsSafe & secured account balanceAttractive sầu interest ratesVery flexible and various terms khổng lồ meet Customers’ needs
Customers can open accounts with any branch of in VietnamSimple depositing procedures: signing term deposit contract or use payment order
Fee schedule
According khổng lồ"s current fee schedule
Centralized fund management service
With the advantage of modern công nghệ platform & online trading capabilities, can assist Customers in capital management with Centralized fund management services.Using this service, Customers’ fund from sub-accounts of affiliates are automatically transferred lớn a Master Account at the end of the day. Thereby, Customers can trachồng & extract information on financial transactions carried out throughout the entire company.The centralized fund management service does not mean affiliates will no longer be capable of financial resources. In contrast, Centralized fund management service offers very flexible options lớn  Customers. Specifically, và Customers may agree khổng lồ maintain certain minimum balances on affiliates’ current accounts. 
Customers who have sầu funds or revenues scattered at many affiliates, thus centralized management of fund is needed.

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Concentrate financial resources on a daily basis; Optimize financial effectiveness of total resources; Take advantage of the incentives that the bank can offer.Flexibility lớn meet the needs of the affiliates; Balance the surplus or deficit situation of fund amuốn affiliates, where some affiliates excess of idle capital, some affiliates need external borrowing.
Customers provide Vietcomngân hàng with information about the current state of internal capital management. will advise the appropriate technical solutions khổng lồ Customers for reviewing và signing agreement with Vietcomngân hàng.Details of the transaction on accounts of affiliates and Central account will be provided fully lớn Customers as usual. 
Fee schedule
According to the agreement
Auto-Investment service
​By utilizing this service, when the end-of-day balance exceeds Customers’ predetermined amount, the exceeding amount will be automatically transferred to lớn an account namely "Auto-Investment". Otherwise, if the current account"s balance is lower than this predetermined amount, the money will be transferred from the "Auto-Investment" trương mục lớn the dem& deposit account.
This service is designed for financial institutions having largely but unstably unemployed fund over a long period and requesting a higher interest rate than demand deposits.
Effective sầu & flexible usage of unemployed capital.Greater economic efficiency due lớn higher interest rate in the "Auto-Investment" tài khoản than that in the demand deposit tài khoản.Another method to lớn increase efficient usage of your unemployed capital is to use the term deposit sản phẩm since the rate is higher than the demand deposit account"s rate as long as the customer maintains the full term (E.g. one-month or two-week term). However, if there is any change in your usage of fund plan that might cause any immediate withdrawal ahead of maturity, the customer will no longer enjoy the high term deposit interest rate.With auto-investment service, the Customer no longer needs to lớn worry about changing financial plans:The flexibility of the facility since the fund will be automatically transferred between the demand deposit tài khoản và the "Auto-Investment" trương mục.Higher interest rate than dem& deposit account"s rate as the "Auto-investment" rate is calculated and paid on daily basis.
Customer only needs khổng lồ sign agreement with Detailed information about transactions on Auto-investment & current account will be provided fully to lớn the Customer.