During the 2016 Presidential visit khổng lồ Vietnam, Baraông chồng Obama went to lớn a bun phụ thân restaurant in Hanoi with Anthony Bourdain. If you didn’t see what happened check out the Clip và this interview with Bourdain on meeting Obama in Hanoi.

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I wasn’t planning khổng lồ visit Bun Cha Obama on my visit to Hanoi. There is already a well-worn Bourdain trail in Saigon, where the places that Bourdain has visited have become tourist attractions. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. If it gets people away from the Intercontinental Buffet lớn try a bun bo hue from the Lunch Lady that Bourdain featured, then I’m all for it.

It wasn’t until I was wandering around the old quarter of Hanoi và saw a restaurant called “Obama Bun Cha” that I gave it a thought. This restaurant was not the actual place Bourdain took Obama, yet here they were cashing in on the association.


I saw a place in Nha Trang advertising Obama Bun Cha as well, & no doubt there are other places up và down the country doing the same thing.


I started thinking that I wanted bun phụ vương – a regular thought in Hanoi – so a walk khổng lồ a new neighbourhood to lớn have Bun Cha Obama seemed like a good activity.

The restaurant is Bun Cha Huong Lien on 24 Le Van Huu. It’s south of the ancient đô thị, still in old Hanoi but with wider streets. There are many embassies in this area, though don’t imagine it all khổng lồ be villas & mansions as it’s still chaotic Hanoi.

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When I reached Le Van Huu street I started counting down the numbers lớn 24, & I felt self-conscious for being such a tourist. There is only one reason that a foreigner is walking down this street. I found the restaurant and I was surprised that there was no reference on the outside sign.


Step inside though and the place is a virtual shrine for that fateful day, with pictures lining the walls.


Even though most places serve sầu bun phụ vương for lunch I figured it will be open all hours now. I went at 5pm lớn get there before the evening rush. The place was busy with a phối of locals & foreigners. There was an American family sitting opposite me, with the dad pointing at the pictures to lớn his two children.

There were some Japanese & Korean tourists there, and then a large Vietnamese family group rolled in and went upstairs. I wondered if the Vietnamese diners were regular visitors or tourists.


While I was waiting for my bun phụ vương I walked around the room lớn study the photos. This photo in particular simultaneously filled me with joy và sadness. Goddamn I miss No Drama Obama.


I got my bun phụ thân and I was happy with my decision to be a tourist & visit Bun Cha Huong Lien, or Bun Cha Obama as they are better known now.